Year 3 Home learning 21.9.18

Year 3 Home Learning- Friday 21st September
Reading and Spelling

Spellings will be handed out each Monday, to be tested the following Monday. .Remember to use spellodrome. Please encourage your child to read every day for at least 20 minutes.


As part of our ‘Compass for Life’ learning journey, we have been talking about our values which help us to have a Growth Mindset and reach our goals.  Create an Acrostic Poem, using your name as the key word, with each line including school values and Growth Mindset ideas.

Think about how you will display your poem and decorate it ready to go in your SOLE book.

Seeks a challenge!

Aspires to do her best!

Resourceful at all times!                    Acrostic poem

Appreciates collaboration!

Has a ‘can do’ attitude!