Year 3 Home Learning 4.10.2019 (Due 16.10.2019)

Year 3 Home Learning – Friday 4th October

(All learning to be handed in Wednesday 16th October.)


Please encourage your child to read for at least 15 minutes at least five times per week. Please record what you have read in your reading record.


Like reading, Spelling is very important for your writing. Spellodrome will have targeted spelling lists each week linking to the lessons in class. Challenge yourself and see how many points you can earn!

Home Learning Menu

Over the next 2 weeks you must complete an activity/series of activities that total at least 15 points. How you choose to do so is up to you! For example, you may choose to do one fifteen and a five-point activity or you could do two ten points; you could also choose to do four five-point activities – it is completely your choice! Have a look at the activity menu below.

15 points 10 points 5 points

How many songs can you find that mention water or rivers?

Make a list of these, and choose one to write out the lyrics. Have a go at singing your chosen song!

Write a reflection.


Watch the raindrops race down your window. Choose one to watch and see what happens when it meanders down and comes into contact with other droplets. Then, sketch your observations of the droplets on the window.


Have a go at some addition/subtraction maths games, to recap our learning this week.

Times tables 1 hour of TT Rockstars. Or try place value basketball
Puddle expedition

Put on some wellies (or any shoes you don’t mind getting wet!) and go for an explore around your local area with a member of your family. How many puddles can you find? Where do you find the biggest puddles? Take some photos of this for your SOLE book! Write a reflection.


Find a poem about the rain/water/rivers and draw a picture to show what happens in the poem. Make sure you include the poem too, as this will be for your SOLE book!

Letter Join

Spend at least 30 minutes on Letter Join to practise your handwriting!

Desktop: Username: hazel Password: down

Tablet: Username: hazel Swipecode: L shape