Year 3 Home Learning – 5.1.2018

Year 3 Home Learning- Friday 5th January 2018



Please encourage your child to read every day for at least 20 minutes.


As we have had our two French Days to start off the Spring Term, you have one extra week to revise your spellings from last term. The spelling test will be next Friday (12th January).




Next week, we will be starting a new maths unit of Number Sense. During this topic, we will be reviewing our knowledge of place value. Please have a go at playing a game of Nice N Nasty with a member of your family. The instructions are below:

Find a partner and a 1-6 dice, or preferably a 0-9 dice if you have one. Each of you draw a set of four boxes like this:


Take turns to throw the dice and decide which of your four boxes to fill. Do this four times each until all your boxes are full.

Whoever has the largest four digit number wins.



In preparation for our new SOLE topic on modern and Ancient Greece, you will need to select one of the Greek Gods to research and make a fact file about. Please remember that this will be used for your SOLE book so best presentation is essential.


Below is a website which contains lots of useful information about the Greek Gods: