Year 3 Home Learning Friday 16th September; To be handed in on Wednesday 21st September

Task 1 – Maths
In maths this week, we have been learning how to add two numbers together. Please follow the instructions below to practice this further.

Draw the diagram below into your home learning book. Then write down all the multiples of 10 up to 100 (10, 20, 30, etc).

Screen Shot 2016-09-15 at 9.01.28 pm

Now place one multiple of ten in each circle so that each side of the triangle adds up to 100. You cannot use the same multiple more than once and you will not use them all. Is there more than one solution? How did you work this out? Was it chance or did you notice something about the numbers? Are there any multiples you cannot use?

Challenge: Place any 2-digit number in each circle so that each side of the triangle adds to 100. You can not use the same number twice. Each number must have a different digit in the ones column.

Task 2 – Literacy
We have continued our topic of ‘Me, Myself and I’ this week, including writing an autobiography for our elicitation task. In preparation for your Big Write on Friday, we would like you to make a list of all the proper nouns you will include in your final autobiography: full name (including middle name), date of birth (e.g. 1st August 2008), 1st line of address, names of pets, siblings and where you were born. As they are all proper nouns, remember that they will all need to start with a capital letter!

You need to know how to learn how to spell at least your full name and date of birth, so make sure you spend a bit of time practicing these each day!