Year 3 Home Learning Friday 21st; To be completed by Wednesday 26th April


For homework this week we would like you to explore your surroundings!  How many different types of plant can you find in your garden or the local park?  How are their leaves different?  Draw 3 different leaves that you find.


In your homework book, you have a grid for collecting the data about the growth of your two seeds.  Keep this up to date; we will be using the data later in the term.

We have been learning about data handling this week, using tally charts to collect data and then presenting it as pictograms. For home learning, choose the five words which you think will be the most common in your reading book. Draw a table and then tally how many times those words appear in one chapter (if your book does not have chapters, use the whole book!). Don’t forget to work out the frequency for each word (the total number of times).

Word Tally Frequency