Year 3 Home Learning Friday 30th September; To be handed in on Wednesday 5th October

Task 1 – Literacy

Following on from our fantastic trip this week, your task is to write a letter to Teignmouth Library to thank them for allowing us to visit and to tell them how much we enjoyed it. We will send these letters off so make sure you spend time planning your letter (and getting an adult to check spellings!) before writing your final, neat copy. You might want to type your letter on a computer or write it on nice writing paper.

Think about the structure of your letter:
• An introduction to say why you are writing
• Some detail about what you particularly enjoyed or learnt
• A conclusion to reiterate your thanks and close your letter

Task 2 – Maths

Please complete literacy task first. With any time remaining from your hour for home learning, go on a 3d shape hunt around the house. These 3d shapes could include cubes, cuboids, spheres, cylinders etc. For example, a box of tissues may be the shape of a cuboid.
You can record this in your home learning book by either writing a list of the objects you have found or by taking pictures to stick in.