Year 3 Home Learning (Friday 7th October; To be handed in on Wednesday 12th October)

Task 1 – Maths
This week we have been focusing on our times table facts. We have started to learn the Uptown Funk version of the 3x table in class which can be found in the ‘Help my child learn’ section of the website in ‘Maths’ (

For your home learning this week, you need to watch this video EVERYDAY and sing along with it. You may wish to begin learning some of the other songs in this section too.

Task 2 – Literacy
You have taken home your CGP ‘Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling’ book. Please complete pages 8 and 9 (‘Verbs’). You need to remember that verbs are ‘being’ and ‘having’ words as well as ‘doing’ words, so ‘be’, ‘are’ and ‘has’ are verbs!