Year 3 Home Learning – Given out on 20th January

To be handed in Wednesday 25th January

Task 1 – Literacy

This week we would like you to have a go at learning the word class poem. It is a continuing focus in SPaG and literacy as children are required to know the diferent word classes.

Word Class Poem

A NOUN names each idea or thing,

As school, computer, fear, or swing;


ADJECTIVES describe the noun,

As true, new, frantic, sharp or brown;


Instead of nouns the PRONOUNS sit –

As he, you, my, they or it;


The VERB means action, something done –

To read, to write, to have, to run;


How, when and where the ADVERBS tell,

As slowly, soon, now, near, or well;


CONJUNCTIONS join the words together,

As ‘men and women’, ‘wind or weather’;


A PREPOSITION stands before a noun,

As in, behind or through the town;


Which noun you mean DETERMINERS tell –

The ball, two books, those pens, my bell;


Through Poetry, we learn how each

of these make up THE PARTS OF SPEECH!



Task 2 – Maths

Continuing on from our maths open morning last Friday, we would like you to play a game of Nice ‘n’ Nasty with someone at home. This is a game which allows children to practice their knowledge of place value.

Here are the instructions as a reminder:

  1. Find a partner and a dice with 1 – 6.
  2. Each of you needs to draw 4 boxes in a row.
  3. Take turns to roll the dice and decide which of your four boxes to fill.
  4. Do this four times each until all the boxes are full and read the four digits as a whole number.
  5. Whoever has the largest four-digit number wins.