Year 3 Home Learning Handed out on Friday 16th June; To be handed in on Wednesday 21st June


This week, we have been learning about our bodies and the ways in which we are all similar and different. We have also been thinking about the ways in which our bodies change as we develop and grow up. We were comparing the things different animals can do at young ages to the things we can do at the same age – did you know that piglets are able to walk from birth?

For your home learning, please find out the age you were when you learnt/started to do different things. You may choose how you wish to present this – there are a couple of ideas below.

Please include:

  • first sat up (without support)
  • first stood up
  • started walking
  • were weaned (started eating solid food)
  • got your first tooth
  • spoke first word
  • made first friend
  • started pre-school
  • started school
  • learnt to write name
  • learnt to swim
  • learnt to ride a bike

Don’t worry if you do not know the exact ages that you learnt/started to do these things – either give an approximate age, or replace them with something else which you do know!