Year 3… What have we been up to so far this week…? 21.04.2020.

So far this week, Year 3 have continued learning all about the Stone/Bronze/Iron Ages as part of our Tribal Tales topic. There have already been some brilliant examples of learning this week, which we’re really enjoying seeing.

It’s been amazing to see lots of you take on the challenge of creating some cave artwork.

Here are some fantastic examples:

It has also been great to see some fantastic Literacy work. Here are some great examples from Barney, who has worked really hard to find the definitions for some useful vocabulary and also carried out some great research about the Iron Age.

It is also lovely to see some other examples of what you have been up to – some fantastic Lego building and designing our own Superheroes!


Well done for all the great work, Year 3. We love seeing what you’re up to so keep emailing us pictures of all your learning/other activities.