Year 3/4 Home Learning – Friday 6th and 13th October 2017

Year 3/4 Home Learning – Friday 6th & 13th October 2017

(2 week home learning project)



Ideally, please encourage your child to read every day for at least 20 minutes. The minimum expectation is that your child should be reading for 15 minutes five times a week. This reading should be a mixture of independent reading and reading alongside an adult.


Practise the spellings provided, ready for the spelling test next Friday. A further set of spellings will be sent home as usual next Friday (13th).


‘Ahoy there! Project’

During the final week of this half term, we’ll be heading to Brixham to visit the Golden Hind, Sir Francis Drake’s most famous ship. In preparation for the visit, please make/purchase a pirate costume that you can wear during the visit. (Parents, please check your email accounts for further trip details)

Furthermore, complete a research project on the Golden Hind and display your findings in a style of your choosing. For example, you may choose to design a poster, create a PowerPoint presentation or make your own factfile that provides information on the Golden Hind. These will be used later in the term when we journal during our SOLE sessions so please do this on paper and DO NOT stick it in your homework book. The following are some keys bits of information that you may research (amongst others): the ship’s former name; details on the number of crew members it could hold; information on the different rooms that the ship possessed; key journeys that the ship took.

This work is essentially 2 hours worth of home learning – the outcome should represent this.