Year 4- Fir class Multiplication activities

The children have taken part in a variety of games and challenges that relate to multiplication. This included:

  • making arrays with cubes.

During this activity, many children discovered square numbers and began to notice patterns. This is shown in the image.

  • guessing the starting number after multiplying by a chosen number.

Children needed to use the inverse (division) to find the answer.

  • ‘What’s in the box?’ investigation

4 numbers came out of a magic box where an operation occurred. Children had to work out what could be happening in the magic box and work out which numbers could be inserted into the box.

  • Rolling dice to generate the largest product

Children rolled 4 numbers and had to position them in a way that made the largest product. They could only multiply by one digit.

What skills did you have to use to win the games? Or find the answer to the challenges?