Year 4 Home learning 10.11.17



Ideally, please encourage your child to read every day for at least 20 minutes. The minimum expectation is that your child should be reading for 15 minutes five times a week. This reading should be a mixture of independent reading and reading alongside an adult.


Maths skills

We are learning more about factors next week so go to the bbc bitesize website and carry out the activities linked to factors.


Then please choose a number below and make a poster explaining how you find all the factors of the given number to prove your understanding.

12    18    24    36    50   54     or choose a number of your choice. Remember to challenge yourself.



Christmas Songs

Between now and 15th November the children need to learn our Christmas song “ C is for Christmas”

Learn the words to the song.

C is for Christmas


C is for Christmas and carols that we sing.

H is for happiness, that the season brings.


R is for reindeer, racing through the air.

I is for icing, on the cake we share.


S is for Santa, I hope he’ll visit me,

T is for tinsel, that glistens on the tree.


M is for Mary, who gave birth on that night.

A is for angels, that filled the sky with light.


S is for starlight, showing men the way, or

S is for Saviour, born on Christmas day.



C.H.R.I.S.T.M.A.S.  (X2)


(All the way through twice – instrumental verse before 2nd time)