Year 4 Home Learning – 14th October to be handed in on Wednesday 19th October

Task 1 – Maths


The children have had a big push with times tables this week, however, despite this the children have all been able to find areas they still need to improve. Mathematics relies heavily on the understanding of the times tables and it can often be the key to unlocking future learning. Last week saw the children having a go at different games, so this week we want the children to practice their recall through a written method.


Please complete the times tables sheets provided. You may want to give yourself a time restriction, or set a time to try and beat for your second go.

Once you have completed the activity, check and mark your answers. This will allow you to see what you need to improve for next time.


Please stick your completed sheets into your home learning book.

Task 2 – Literacy

The children have been learning about conjunctions and how they can be used in a sentence. Can you write three sentences that include either subordinating or coordinating conjunctions.


Coordinating conjunctions – But, Or, Yet, So

Subordinating conjunctions – Because, When, Since, Even though, if


Don’t forget to add the correct punctuation!