Year 4 Home Learning 19/05/17

Friday 19th May; To be completed by Wednesday 24th May

Devon County Show

On Thursday, we went to the Devon County Show. For your home learning, can you create one of the following about your favourite memories:

–       A poster

–       A poem

–       Make a postcard

–       Write a story


Challenge 1

1. 2649 + 748 =

2. 2564 + 1723 =

3. 843 – 213 =

4. 6172 – 273 =

5. 35 x 9 =

6. 76 x 7 =


Ongoing tasks

Reading: Remember that you should be reading on a daily basis at home, and should be discussing this reading with an adult – talking about the text, commenting on the author’s purpose, noticing particular features of certain genres, etc. In reading record books, please could children/parents write a comment about this reading.

Spellings: Remember to spend time daily learning your spellings – will you earn both of your raffle tickets next week?

Please remember that each section of the home learning is 30 minutes (1hr in total). If you get stuck, please come and ask your teacher for assistance.