Year 4 Home learning 2.2.18


Year 4  Home Learning – Friday 2nd February 2018



Ideally, please encourage your child to read every day for at least 20 minutes. The minimum expectation is that your child should be reading for 15 minutes five times a week. This reading should be a mixture of independent reading / reading alongside an adult.



We have been learning about co-ordinates and translations in maths this week. Below are websites to consolidate your child’s learning; Please encourage them to watch both tutorials


Translating shapes


SOLE- Pre-Learning

In preparation for art work involving drawing the Parthenon and Greek gods, the children can practise their skills by sketching 3 D shapes using shading and cross hatching

Collect these sketches and present them as a small booklet that can be placed in their SOLE book.



Continue to practise the spellings from the spelling list. To be tested next Friday.