Year 4 Home Learning

Friday 17th March; To be completed by Wednesday 22nd March

@Bristol! – We just wanted to say a huge WELL DONE! to everyone who bought in some homework celebrating their visit to @Bristol last week.  The range of original ideas for presentation amazed and astounded us.  Thank you Year 4!

As part of our Science Topic ‘Into Outer Space’, we will be looking at night and day and how they happen.  For homework we would like you to find out how this happens and make some notes ready for our Big Write next week.  Please look in a book or watch these video clips to help you.  You may want to produce a labelled diagram to go with your Big Write; here is an example of what it might look like.



We are still focussing on the 8 times table in class so keep practising this, along with related times tables (4 and 12).  To really know a times table, you need to be able to give an answer to a question within 5 seconds (without counting up through the table).  Keep practising – the quicker you are, the better!  If you know the 8 times table, concentrate on multiplying and dividing by 80 and 0.8

Ongoing tasks

Reading: Remember that you should be reading on a daily basis at home, and should be discussing this reading with an adult – talking about the text, commenting on the author’s purpose, noticing particular features of certain genres, etc. In reading record books, please could children/parents write a comment about this reading.

Spellings: Remember to spend time daily learning your spellings – will you earn both of your raffle tickets next week?

If you are unable to access the home learning or are finding it difficult, please speak to your teacher.