Year 4 Home Learning – 6/7/18


Year 4  Home Learning – Friday 6th July 2018



Ideally, please encourage your child to read every day for at least 20 minutes. The minimum expectation is that your child should be reading for 15 minutes five times a week.This reading should be a mixture of independent reading and reading alongside an adult.

‘Super North Star’ follow up (1)

On Wednesday this week, we were fortunate to have the opportunity to spend the morning with Floyd Woodrow – a former SAS soldier and Head of the UK Counter Terrorist Unit, who is now internationally-recognised as a businessman and a keynote speaker. Floyd introduced us to his ‘Compass for Life’ and discussed the four cardinals with us.

Please use the diagram below to help you to explain to a family member what your ‘North Star’ is; also discuss with them what you put in each of the boxes on your map and brief them on what each cardinal stands for.  

‘Super North Star’ follow up (2)

Write a paragraph to discuss your ‘Super North Star’. Within your paragraph, reference the other three cardinals – Ethos (Values), Strategist and Warrior Spirit. Also discuss your strengths, values and begin to plot your actions – what are you going to do in the near future to help you to begin to move towards achieving your goal?