Year 4 Home Learning- Friday 23rd November

(All learning to be handed in Wednesday 12thDecember.)


Please encourage your child to read every day for at least 20 minutes. Please record what you have read in your reading record.

Spelling and Maths

Spellings will be handed out each Monday, to be tested the following Monday.

Continue with Timestables Rock Stars


Over the next 3 weeks you must complete an activity/activities that equate to 15 points. That might mean just completing the 15 point activity, one 10 and a 5 point activity or 3 5 point activities. It is completely your choice! Have a look at the activity menu below:

15 points 10 points 5 points
–       Design and make (evaluate optional) a traditional Viking boat.


–       Design, make and evaluate a traditional Viking shield.




When you evaluate, think what you would do differently next time and what you think went really well!

–       Make a traditional Viking shield.


–       Make a traditional Viking helmet.


–       Write your name in ancient runes.


–       Draw/sketch a Viking longboat using a Shoe Rayner video.


–       Write a description of a dragon (remember to use strong adjectives and use a thesaurus!).


–       Draw/sketch a dragon using a Shoe Rayner video.