Year 4 Homelearning – 18.5.18

Year 4  Home Learning – Friday 18th May 2018



Ideally, please encourage your child to read every day for at least 20 minutes. The minimum expectation is that your child should be reading for 15 minutes five times a week. This reading should be a mixture of independent reading and reading alongside an adult.



Improving the time taken to mentally recall maths facts – particularly times tables – continues to be a focus for us. Please visit and focus on practising times tables of your choice (remember: challenge is interesting; easy is boring!). For each attempt, write down how many correct answers you got and for which times table, e.g. 12/15 (6 x table)


SOLE (‘iCan too’ prep)

Two lucky individuals from our year group will have the opportunity to have their art work displayed in the ‘iCan too’ programme later this year. Your homework this week is to design a poster for one of / both of our acts (you may choose whether to design either one or both): ‘King of the swingers’ & ‘Trashbusters’. The poster/s that you produce must showcase the key features of each performance (we have discussed these in class).

If your work is not selected to be part of the programme, it will be used when journaling our SOLE work next half term.



See attached spelling sheet.



A number of parents have contacted us regarding the time taken to complete recent homework. Please note that the homework that we set is designed to take one hour to complete (30 minutes per task); should your child struggle with a task, please feel free to stop them after 30 minutes and indicate that they found it difficult in their homework book.

* Please note that this one hour limit does not include spellings and reading as it is a school-wide expectation that these skills are practised multiple times each week. *