Year 4 Reading for Church – Auditions on Wednesday!

“It happened one night.” 


Scene 4    YEAR 4    “Animal Farm.” 


Now we’ve heard of the people who came to the town – 

Of Mary and Joseph, whose details went down 

On the Emperor’s list, so his tax they could pay, 

And the shepherds who heard all the angels did say; 


We’ve heard of those wise men who saw a bright star 

And arrived there much later, they’d come from so far. 

But they weren’t the only ones who knew of that night – 

At least, if our carols and cards got it right. 


It seems that an ox and a donkey came too, 

Though the Bible quite simply doesn’t mention those two. 

But I think they were there, around Jesus’s bed, 

For the manger was where they would go to get fed. 


So even the animals gave to the Lord 

Something to honour him, what they could afford. 

For while he was lying in their feeding box, 

They had to go hungry, the donkey and the ox. 


What will we give him, who accepted the loss 

Of his life freely given when he died on the cross? 

Will we let him be King of lives, every day? 

‘Cause that’s why he came here to lie in the hay!