Year 4 Wow Science Workshops- ‘Phascinating’ Physics

This afternoon, we transformed our year 4 classrooms into science labs consisting of 6 fascinating activities.

In the physics room, we had:

  • Investigating sound- using drums and guitars, we observed the difference in vibrations between the variety of sized drums and strings. We realised that the larger drums make slower vibrations and therefore deeper sounds causing the spaghetti to bounce up and down. The smaller drums had tighter skins, which vibrate quicker so the spaghetti did not bounce up and down as much.
  • Friction- rolling a car down a ramp, we investigated the friction caused by different materials. We found that the towel created the most friction and the large books the least.
  • Electricity- we experimented with circuits to make bulbs light up and to power buzzers.  We found out the a circuit needs to be complete for the electricity to travel.

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