Year 5 and 6 – You’re Guilty! – 10/11/16

What a great learning experience had by all the pupils of Year 5 and 6 today. As we embarked the double decker buses, the children thought about the journey and how the characters of their stories would feel as they travelled to court to find out their fate.

Upon arrival in Torquay, three classes were met by a magistrate to lead a very informative, hands on and interesting workshop, while the other visited the courthouse.

The goosebumps of apprehension shot up the spines of every child as they entered the courthouse and were searched to experience what everyone who enters the courtroom goes through.  They sat in the dock, the magistrate’s chair as well as visit the witness box and minuscule cells.  The learning experiences were second to none with questions being asked to magistrates, security officers and court ushers.

Thank you to all the staff at Torquay Magistrates who gave up their time and volunteered to educate our children on court proceedings as well as allow the, to explore the courtroom.

More photos to follow tomorrow!!