Year 5 are poets and they didn’t even know it.

As part of our space topic, year 5 have been learning about poetry in literacy. They have been looking at a variety of poems and their features. Year 5 have now begun to write their own. Here are the first verses  to their planet poems:



The moon’s warm, kindly face stares down on me,

Her starlit throne hanging in the inky sky.

She pokes her head through the curtains of bedrooms across the world,

Dispelling nightmares and welcoming sweet dreams,

A bright beacon ,as bright as the sun, dangling in the sky, guiding me.



Purple planet how big you are

How graceful you are

How clever and amazing you are

High up in the sky

Far and bright big and bold and out at night

I look at you and feel nice

Your purple embrace

Fills me with faith

My favourite place at night

I wait till days go by

To sit at night just to say hi

My purple planet how i wounder about you day and night

Good night


The moon

The sky is dark like a light has been turned off

it is like turning my light of to go sleep

a beautiful moon appears and it’s not just any moon

it’s my moon, i look up at her and she says goodnight

my moon she smiles at me and gives me a wink

when its day she groans and because she doesn’t want to see me

go and play without her,  I feel happy like someone’s always there for me

she’s like me I want to puta blanket round her because she is so cold she is 123c.




When I come out at night I see her hiding in her house,

Sad and alone , she looks so small and afraid like a mouse,

When the morning light fills the sky she sits and waits,

She hides and cries but no one hears her,

In her little house so blue and dark she lies waiting for someone,

But no one comes,

I feel so unhappy, like a sad movie

She’s dejected with no friends.

When I stand here on Earth she is 4.5716 billion km.



Blue Neptune

The sky so big and black Neptune shines like a juwel,

where does it start where does it end.

The blue like the sea but with no start no end,

As Neptune parties the clouds go on and on.

It giggles in the day and sleeps through the night,

Neptune is 4.5717 km away how I wonder.




The smooth blue sky the secrets it hides not visible from Earth .

But, beyond there are planets far away.

With the Uranus’s birth.

Is only 3.1129 billion kilometers away from us.

Uranus looks like a bue shot hit him .

But if you were on him you would feel very dim.

However, in the sky he likes to play hide and seek.

As the planet on its side gets ready to sleep, you may get a peek.

Uranus feels like a love shot into your heart.

However as he’s gas if stand him you would fall right through just like a fart.



Mars the red planet,

Velvet rocky and silent.

For where the volcanoes erupt,

For where the asteroids smash.

Loud, loud


Life existed one time before,

But now the red planet is nothing no more.

Except frozen lakes,

Volcanoes bake

And everything crumbles.

Mars the red planet

The marvellous red planet.


Lyla went a step further and has already written her entire poem:

Saturn Sensation

I look up at the twinkling sky,

Your shining light will never die,

You’re a speck of light like a torch in the air,

You are one of a kind not just rare,

You are a shining firefly in the Milky Way,

You’re a beating heart to show me the way,

When I went to see thee, butterflies erupted in my tummy,

I really did want my mummy,

I saw your illuminated kind face beaming down at me,

Nothing like a little bee.


Now I fly up into the stars,

But why be trapped behind monotonous bars,

When you could go and visit Mars?

I flew across your golden glow,

How you got so big I wouldn’t know.

I heard the stars whisper as quiet as a mouse, some 1.472 billion km was my house!

I saw you, a planet Knight on a mighty steed of stars,

As fast as a lightning bolt you streak across the blazing stars.

Yes there you were as I sped across the sky, a bullet in an inky black abyss.

I saw your smile a ring wrapped around you like a ball with a belt,

I flew past the sun and I thought I would melt,

I stretched out my hand your touch as rough as fresh bark from a tree,

Yet up close you’re as huge as eternity.


Thank you for all of your hard work year 5 pupils and parents. We can’t wait to read the rest of your poetry.