Year 5 have been busy bees this week- w.c. 01.06.20

Year 5 have been very busy this first week back and have been getting stuck in with our new topic; Time Traveller.

As part of SOLE, we have asked year 5 to create pieces of art work in the style of Andy Warhol, here are some of the amazing work they created.

We are coming to an end in our literacy topic and the pupils have been busy writing a balanced argument on ‘Should humans take holidays in space?’ It has been very interesting to read their arguments.

Here is a ‘for’ point from Dora

Here is another ‘for’ point from Lucas

Here is a ‘against’ point from Ellisha

Year 5 have been working really hard on their argument and Miss Halloway and Miss Franks can’t wait to read the finished pieces.

Mia has been keeping fit by going on a bike ride with her Nanna and Mum. She found it very tiring going up the hills but she felt proud when she had finished. Well done Mia!

In addition to all of this hard work, year 5 have been interviewing family members and friends on how life has changed for them and how they have changed as they have grown up.

Keep up all the hard work year 5!