Year 5 Home Learning – 13.09.19

Year 5 Home Learning – Friday 13th September

(All learning to be handed in Wednesday 2nd October.)


Please encourage your child to read for at least 20 minutes at least five times per week. Please record what you have read in your reading record.

Spelling & TT Rock Stars

Please use Spellodrome and TT Rock Stars  regularly.

Home Learning Menu

Over the next 3 weeks you must complete an activity/series of activities that total at least 15 points. How you choose to do so is up to you! For example, you may just complete the fifteen-point activity or may choose to do one ten and a five-point activity; you could also choose to do three five-point activities – it is completely your choice! Have a look at the activity menu below:

15 points 10 points 5 points
–       Make detailed observational sketches of Tudor costumes and jewellery. Consider the fabrics and materials used creating drawings, maybe collect fabric samples, makw notes and printed images from the web. You could make detailed sketches using pencil, paint or pens to pick out rich detail.

Think Scrapbook!

–       Make a homemade quill using a bird feather. Cut diagonally using sharp scissors to make a neat edge. Do you have ink? Can you try signing your name with your quill?


–       Watch the videos of Anne’s alleged crimes. Think about what happened to Anne and why they think she was accused of such terrible crimes. Write your thoughts down.



–       Create a portrait of an Historic Tudor. E.g Henry VIII



–       Listen to Greensleeves on YouTube (or something similar). How does this piece of music make you feel? What do you notice about it?


–       Read the poem ‘Whoso List to Hunt’ below. What do you think it’s about?