Year 5 keep amazing us…

Our new topic is well underway and year 5 have thrown themselves into it. Our new topic focuses on time and how things have changed from the past.

As part of SOLE, we asked the pupils to design their own clocks.

This is Isaac’s:

This is Thomas’


Lottie has been researching how communication has changed over time:

Ellisha has thought about the changes that have happened over time


Maisie has drawn a picture of  someone growing up:

Here is Jess’ art piece inspired by Andy Warhol:

Lucas has created a mindmap of what changes have happened in his community:

Here is Anya’s:

Here is Anya’s work of someone aging through their life:

Ben has been exploring the local area with his family. They used to an app to spot how many boats were out at sea and compared their width and length.