Year 5 – Looking To The Future!

This week in our learning journey, we have been looking at what our hopes and dreams might be for the future and how we think the world might change. Have a look at Max’s video below and Isabella’s ideas for the future.



The future.  2100.

In the future they may develop flying cars.  Like our cars but without wheels.  They would have things like on a monorail and use magnets so they can float.  They would be solar powered and electric.

It might even have robots to look after people that are contagious from diseases that would be pretty cool.  I think they will have special body scanners that can tell you if you’re poorly and make you better.  If they can’t I think robots will be able to independently do operations. I know we have medical robots now but they can’t do this.

You will be able to ask Alexa to do things like cook you meals with a built-in oven, Alexa could throw balls for your dog.  Alexa would be able to help with all the day to day chores.

Paper printers could print 3D images, sugar paper for baking, and normal paper print.

Things would be a lot more expensive.  My mum said sweets when she was younger were 1p that are now 5p.  A loaf of bread was 33p and now averages at £1.10.  A pint of milk was 17p and now is 54p on average in the 1980’s.

Tv wouldn’t look like it does now.  It would be 3D without needing to wear glasses.

In the future I think a loaf of bread would be much more expensive along with everything else.  Imagine £15 for a loaf of bread!

At the airport they could have planes that flew themselves completely.  Not just auto pilot. 

A charger for your electronics, mega powered and would charge your phone, laptop etc within a minute.  A multi charger.

Everything is recyclable in the future.  Renewable energy is used in all homes.  No animals are endangered as they have special equipment to keep them healthy and to support development.

But really I don’t know what will happen in the future, I just hope the word will be more green . I just want the world to be a better place for everyone and everything.

We have creative in all the different ways we can participate in remote learning and today we practised our French numbers with a quick game of Kahoot!

We are also working on writing our opening of The BFG. We have been focusing on being resourceful and using all of our knowledge from our notes on previous lessons and linking this to ‘The Forgetting Curve’. Have a read of this fantastic opening below:


In the middle of the witching hour, a towering Oak tree was home to a screeching owl. With a flap of its wings it took off from the branch, flailing wildly to escape the shadow that moved stealthily towards the town.

Whirling on the air currents, the owl proceeded to the town, coming to rest on the roof of Mrs Conker’s Home for Girls.  In the dormitory below, Sophie rose cautiously from her cold creaky bed, put on her spectacles and looked through the frosted paines of the window. From her lookout she spied the snowy white owl perched on the roof.

Sophie got out of bed, slipping on her trainers, and began to creep across the room trying to avoid the creaky floorboards.  Suddenly, lights in the corridor outside the door to the dormitory flicked on and the disembodied voice of Mrs Conker pierced through the room “Who’s that out of bed?!”

Sophie timidly replied “Sophie miss.” 

Mrs Conker bellowed back “Get back to bed and we will continue this in the morning!”

The red haired orphan looked back at the old faded door and decided Mrs Conker had left. She began to creep back towards the window. Looking out into the street below, she noticed how the buildings looked crooked and foreboding in the shadowy light.  Just as she was about to close the curtains a clap and flash of thunder and lightning rolled through the town casting a silvery glow which illuminated a tall, hooded figure!

We also spent some time interviewing members of our family or friends, discussing how they felt about retirement.

Sole- retirement 

For this I interviewed my grampi who is retired over facetime. 


When did you retire? – 1997 

What did you do before you retired? – My grampi used to run his own company.

Do you like being in retirement ? – I love being in retirement but I don’t like being old . 

Why do people retire? – they might be unfit to work , or they could reach an age where they want to do something other than work. 

Would you have retired earlier/ later? – No.

What benefits is there to retirement? – you can do what you want when you want more or less. 

Is there anything you don’t like about retirement? – yes, it feels like you get older quicker.

Do you have any worries now you’re retired? – no , not  apart from trying to keep healthy.


Keep up the great work Year 5!