Year 5 Spellings 9th June 2017

Mrs Tickell’s and Mrs Davie’s Spelling Group Week 6 Summer Focus: homophones

Handed out on Friday 9.6.17

  1. rain  rein      reign
  2. rode rowed    road
  3. cent  scent    sent
  4. too to         two
  5. there their    they’re
  6. aloud allowed
  7. peace piece
  8. secretary
  9. sincerely
  10. soldier

The focus is to be able to distinguish between homophones: words with common pronunciations but different spellings

Learn the different meanings of the common homophones above and learn the different spellings for each. It might help if you draw pictures or write each word into a sentence to help you remember- ask your parents/adult or use a dictionary to help you.