Year 6 – Fantastic Learning at Home – 12/6/2020

Lots of Year 6 have been working hard at home this week. Here is some of the brilliant learning that has taken place. There are also some photos of other activities that Year 6 have been doing to keep themselves busy. Well done for your continued hard work!

Owen took part in some WW2 Role play. Putting himself into the shoes of an evacuee child, he packed the essential items that he would need to take on his journey. He decided that he would take a teddy owl, pot of pocket money, camera, book, model figure and a cork as the children often had to make their own toys.

Elsa has been working incredibly hard on her WW2 diary. She has carefully thought about how to present her diary and has also carefully chosen the language.

Mya spent some time with her family in the outdoors. They went for their daily walk at Manhead.

Ava has been listening to different sounds from the War and reflecting on how those sounds would have made people feel during WW2. She then thought about an action to go with each sound.