Year 6 – Fantastic learning at home – 29.01.2021

Year 6 have been amazing once again this week. They have continued to be resilient and approach their home learning and Zoom sessions with a positive attitude. This week in year 6, we have been exploring decimals further in maths, focusing on the past, present and future progressive tense in grammar and practising our ‘shun’ suffixes in our spelling lessons. As part of our literacy, we have written another scene for our story. This scene was written as a diary entry so we have learnt about the features and skills for this throughout the week, eventually building up to writing the diary entry today.

Here are some examples of the fantastic paragraphs that were written and the grammar work.

In SOLE, we have continued to work on our ‘Darwin’s Delights’ topic. This week, we have learnt about how birds’ beaks have evolved by carrying out investigations and how animals have adapted to their environment in the Galapagos Islands. We also wrote poems and created bar and line graphs to show our results of the experiments.

Here is a video to show all of the excellent SOLE work from this week.


Well done year 6, we are really proud of your efforts!