Year 6 Holly class- SOLE

Children have had range of activities to complete throughout the day. These have included:

  • Literacy- Choosing from a variety of emotive pictures of settings and characters, pupils have written descriptive paragraphs.
  • Maths-Children have investigated statements that are either: always true, sometimes true or never true. Using reasoning skills, they have had to justify their findings.
  • Board games- Considering strategies and using knowledge of Maths and Literacy, children have competed in mind challenging board games.
  • Construction- Using K’Nex and Lego, pupils have built models of their choice.  Using reflective language, they’ve had to describe the skills they used.
  • Personal Project- Choosing a subject matter that interests them, children have to plan a presentation to show the rest of the class.
  • Target cards- All children have also thought of a target to achieve throughout the year and have designed a creative bookmark to remind them.

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