Year 6 Home Learning 22.9.17

Year 6 Home Learning- Friday 20th September


Please hand in on Wednesday


Reading – Please encourage your child to read every day for at least 20 minutes

Spellings – Practise spelling from the spelling list

Arithmetic- Complete the questions using your squares in your book to do the workings (We will mark this together as a class so we can spend time going over any misconceptions or new strategies).




If you have not finished your musical instrument, please take it home and finish it.  Remember it must be mainly made from recycled materials, it must have at least two different pitches (notes) and it must look good.


If you have finished your instrument, you need to reflect on how you made your instrument, what was difficult and how you overcame it, think about whether your instrument looks like your original design, how did you adapt it? Why did you adapt it? You may want to draw what your instrument looks like now so that you can put it in your SOLE book with your original design to explain the changes you made.