Year 6 Home Learning 27.1.17

Important ongoing tasks which must be completed several times a week

Times tables: Keep practising those times table facts – you need to know all facts up to 12 x 12 inside out, at the click of your fingers! Make sure you are rehearsing these facts regularly, preferably several times a week.


Reading: Remember that you should be reading on a daily basis at home, and should be discussing this reading with an adult – talking about the text, commenting on the author’s purpose, noticing particular features of certain genres, etc. In reading record books, please could children/parents write a comment about this reading.


Spellings: Practise your spellings from your group ready for the test next Friday.


Manga High-

Challenges relating to shape work have been set. Please complete these by Wednesday. If you do not have access to the internet at home, we can give you some time in school.




SPAG- Please complete pages 12 and 13 (Clauses and Phrases) of your CGP books


SOLE tasks which should have been completed this week:

  • Find out what the ordinance survey symbols mean
  • Write a reflection on what you’ve learnt for using the ordinance survey maps
  • Create your own ‘forces image’ by taking a photo of you doing something or finding a photo of a moving object.  Add it to pic- collage and draw on the arrows.  Explain the forces that are taking place
  • Explain the different terminology (gravity / upthrust / resistance / friction)
  • Produce a piece of work about the victorians explaining how life was different to life now