Year 6 Home Learning 5.2.18

Year 6 Home Learning- Friday 5th January 2018


Reading – Please encourage your child to read every day for at least 20 minutes

Spellings – Practise spellings from the spelling list

Arithmetic – Complete the sheet showing your workings in your red books. We will go through it as a class on Thursday



SOLE (Geography)

This half term, the children will be learning about different countries in Africa, including: Malawi, Kenya, Benin and Ghana. In order to do a comparison of life here and life in Malawi, we are asking that the children take photos of the following things:

Local shops, your house, your bathroom, your school, your town/buildings and anything else that is part of your every day life. Please could photos either be printed or emailed to us.

Spelling Revisit and Review – Year 6

Please revisit all of the spellings which you have learnt over the past half term.  Make sure that you can still accurately spell them all, giving a bit of extra time and practise those you didn’t get correct the first time round! There will be a spelling test based on a random selection of these words next week.


Spelling Rules   Year 5/6 words
Luscious Hesitance Committee
Infectious Innocence Signature
Gracious Balance Guarantee
Conscious Resistance Communicate
Ambitious Evidence Sincerely
Anxious Substance Harass
Ferocious Appearance Profession
Special Nuisance Soldier
Essential Convenience Pronunciation
Residential Conscience Competition
Crucial Isle                aisle Stomach
Official Affect           effect  Identify
Beneficial Who’s             whose Excellent
Influential Assistants      assistance Accident
Apparent Whether        weather Environment
Assist Cereal            serial  
Evident Sent               scent