Year 6 Home Learning – 6/03/2020

Year 6 Home Learning – Friday 6th March  

(All learning to be handed in Wednesday 25th March)

Please encourage your child to read for at least 20 minutes at least five times per week. Please record what you have read in your reading record.
Please use Spellodrome regularly at home.
Complete the questions (making sure you use your squares in your book to show the workings). We will mark this together as a class on Thursday so we can spend time going over any misconceptions or new strategies.
Home Learning Menu

Our new topic, which we will be starting next week, will be ‘Tomorrow’s World’. Please the attached sheet showing some of the things we may be doing over the next three weeks during our SOLE sessions. At home, over the next 3 weeks you must complete an activity/series of activities that total at least 15 points. How you choose to do so is up to you! For example, you may just complete the fifteen-point activity or may choose to do one ten and a five-point activity; you could also choose to do three five-point activities – it is completely your choice! Have a look at the activity menu below:

15 points 10 points 5 points
Make a digital presentation about the web and include guidance for online safety. You need to have thoroughly researched online safety and have experimented with digital presentations. Learn about different codes, such as the reverse alphabet or Morse code. Experiment by sending short messages to your friends or family members. Can they understand you? Find out what the following computing terms mean:

Firewall, app, e-book, emoticon, phishing, wiki, blog and QWERTY.

Survey your friends or family to find out how much time they spend online, texting or watching TV each day. Present your findings in a chart. Design an internet ‘scavenger hunt’ for your parents or carers of 10 or more things to search for using a computer. Could they do it? Give them a mark out of 10!
Research a significant figure in the computing world. Write a biography about them using the information you have found. Write a job advert to recruit a top spy. What skills and experience would they need? Do some market research. What are the top five websites used by your family and friends? What do they like and dislike about those websites?