Year 6 Home Learning letter 10.2.17

How can you support your child leading up to SATs?


Dear Parent/Carer,

We are quickly approaching the SATs week and thought it would be helpful if we clearly explained the activities that your children should be doing in the next 9 weeks. Regularly completing additional work at home will certainly improve their knowledge and confidence in preparation for the tests. Therefore, the tasks listed below are essential to complete several times a week.  Furthermore, it will help to prepare them for secondary school (as the home learning expectation increases significantly).


  • Reading- Your child needs to be reading their book 5 times a week (Recommended 15 minutes) This might be independent but it is also beneficial to read with an adult
  • Spellings- They must be practising the list of 10 spellings (from their group) at least 4 times a week. Additionally, they need to be learning all the words from the year 5 and 6 word list. (Choose a few each week to focus on). Helpful tip: repetitively write down the words in a creative way – word pyramids, bubble writing, different colours for certain letters etc.
  • Speed tables– these will be blogged on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday which will be accessible on the website. Children will however get the opportunity in SOLE time to copy them down in their home learning books. They should take no longer than 5 minutes a night and they should be aiming to improve their score and pace each day.
  • Arithmetic practice- 2 papers will be sent home a week. One handed out on a Friday (which will be handed in on a Monday so we can go through it as a class) and another handed out on Monday and back in for Thursday.

 If your child experiences any difficulty with any aspect of home learning, we are happy to go through it with them during lunchtimes.

Half term

Over half term, please can children:


  • learn the words from the year 5/6 word list (these were given out in year 5). The list is also available on the website. They will be tested on random selection when we return.
  • Carry out the speed table challenge
  • Complete the arithmetic practice paper

 If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours sincerely,


Mr Hardee, Miss McManus and Mr Goodenough