Year 6 – ‘It’s a really Crealy perfect day!’

A great day was had by all on Friday at Crealy Adventure Park.  As we arrived, we raced straight towards the water slides and ‘Twister’. Many overcame their fears by taking risks, people were empathetic with one another and everybody had smiles on their faces, even though they had wet bottoms from going down the slides!

We were threatened by downpours regularly, but none came until 4pm which meant we got to stay outside and play on most of the rides. It wouldn’t have mattered if it rained though as the favourite rides and activities seemed to involve water! Thankfully, everyone bought a change of clothes!

The log flume, the rollercoaster, the flying machine were all but some of the favourites of many, but the massive game of tag played in the indoor area was a highlight for many.

Lots of tired children returned to school after a long, hard day playing, but full to the brim with smiles and ideas for the next writing topic.