Year 6 SOLE Work – 22.1.2021

Year 6 have continued to be brilliant with their remote learning this week. They have taken walks outside to collect a range of natural items, just like Darwin did, and then grouped their findings in different ways. They also collected data about Darwin’s voyage and tracked the distances that he travelled. Year 6 pupils then presented this data using a range of ways including Excel and creating their own line graphs. Finally, Year 6 carried out a sample investigation to learn about a variety of plants.


Not only this, they have continued to be amazing with their core subjects: Literacy, Maths and SPaG. We have been learning about decimals in our maths, a range of punctuation in grammar, using the -ial suffix in spelling and working towards writing another scene for our ‘Golden Compass’ narrative in Literacy. Well done to everyone – you have continued to show how resilient you are!


Here is a video to show off all of the amazing SOLE work from this week: