Year 6 – Starting with the why…

In our literacy lesson today, we started with a discussion.

We tried to think why we might be using the story ‘A Christmas Carol’ to inspire our story writing. Here are some of the whys we came up with:

We are studying the Victorians and the story is set in the Victorian time so links other areas of the curriculum which helps us build links between subjects.

Christmas is coming and we will be doing our big write close to Christmas time.

The story ‘A Christmas Carol’ is a good story. We know this from all of the versions that have been made from the storyline (Bugs Bunny, Muppets, Disney, Barbie and more).

Charles Dickens was a good writer. He used high quality vocabulary and punctuation that really paints a picture and builds the suspense in our minds.

Hopefully this will inspire us to write our own ‘change’ themed story. Please have a look at the extract below to see the quality of his writing.