Year One’s Queen’s Tea Party – 24.02.2021

We have had a wonderful day in Year One today. The day started with a very important invitation to a Queen’s tea party. Luckily, we were all in our smart clothes and dressed for the occasion.

We then spent the morning doing a ‘posh’ Phonics lesson, making sure we pronounced every sound correctly and clearly, following a set of instructions to make jam sandwiches and making decorations for the tea party.

Just before the tea party in the afternoon, we spent our Wellbeing Wednesday time making placemats. We then practised balancing books on our heads to ensure correct posture and learnt how to curtsy and bow. The tea party was wonderful with the children showing beautiful manners. They made sure their napkins were on their laps and remembered their pleases and thank yous. We listened to classical music and the children even had the chance to dance. We have heard that the children learning remotely from home also had the most wonderful time as well.