Year Two Occombe Farm Apple Class 19.10.16

What a fabulous day we had!

The children were very excited this morning and enjoyed singing on the bus on the way to the farm (only a few had their fingers in their ears).

We were busy from the moment we arrived. Meeting the animals, learning about the farm and where our food comes from.  We learnt how Occombe Farm is an organic farm and has a SSSI (site of special scientific interest) on its land.  Not forgetting learning about the all wild animals the farm helps to look  after too. Animals such as the Greater Horseshoe Bats which eat the beetles which eat the cows poo. We also created our own animal out of clay to live on the farm and found a place for it to live.

After lunch we went to cookery school and made our own pizza. MMMMMMMMMM tasty.  After weighing and measuring the ingredients we left our dough to rise while we went to the farm gardens and picked vegetables and herbs to put on top of our food.

A big thank you to everyone who offered their support.

What was your favourite part of the trip?

Will you be growing your own herbs for you next pizza?

What did the coloured spots on the sheep mean?

Why did all the animals have tags in their ears?

Why did we need to be careful when adding water to the dry ingredients?

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