Year Two, Seaside Stories, 28.4.20

Over the course of this week Year Two are putting together their stories which are set at the seaside.

If you are stuck for ideas, see if you can magpie something from these examples. Think about what has made them successful.  What exciting vocubulalry have they used?


Story Number 1:

Banana Island  by EW

Banana Island is a beautiful hot place in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It’s covered in tall coconut trees. Its sand is soft and white. Its seas are calm and blue.

On the edge of banana island live very best friends Tom Crab, Tim Lobster, Gary the Sea snail, Whaley Whale and Sharkey shark. They have exploring adventures together.

One day while they were playing, a humongous wave came and washed sharky onto the sand, sharky was very scared because he was drying out from the sun, he tried to wiggle back into the sea with his fins but he couldn’t do it.

Sharky’s friends were thinking what to do for help. Suddenly Whaley said “I know! You 3 dig a trench from sharky to the sea as quickly as you can”. The team dug and dug with their little pinchers and Gary moved the sand with his shell.

Once the trench was dug, Whaley squirted a load of water out his blow hole onto Sharky and the trench, now Sharky used his fins again and started to slide down the trench. Another woosh from Whaley and Sharky slid back into the sea.

Sharky was so happy he swam around in circles and jumped out of the water like a dolphin.

His friends were relieved that he was safe again and excited to have their next adventure together…

The End


The beginning of another story:

Poison the man of war by PG

Chapter 1

“I never thought I would see Atlantia again,” said Taylor to Daisy, his dog.

Taylor and Daisy were sailing sadly home. 

They had been looking for Taylor’s lost parents.

Their boat was a tiny dot on the calm vast ocean and Atlantia was shining brightly in the sunset.

Suddenly a long green tentacle came reaching out of the water and slowly pulled the top off a skyscraper on Atlantia.

Daisy whined scaredly but Taylor turned on the motor and started rowing bravely to Atlantia.

Taylor sped ashore and ran to the castle with Daisy as a dot behind him.

“A long tentacle?” exclaimed the king. “It must be Poison!”

Taylor thought that Poison was just a fairy tale, but now he knew that Poison must be defeated.

“Yes,” said the king. “And we were hoping you could do it.”