Years 3 and 4 Home Learning – 8th September

Task 1 – SOLE
As part of our ‘Me, Myself and I’ topic, we would like you to design a personal monogram using your two initials. Monograms are personal to each person and can be used to identify your belongings. We have found some examples to give you some ideas which you can see on the printed version of the home learning. Alternatively you could use the internet to find further inspiration!

It’s up to you how you create your monogram – you may want to draw it by hand, you could create it on the computer, or you might like to make a collage to create it (e.g. layering up tissue paper, etc).

Task 2 – Maths
We have been learning about place value this week, look at the value of each digit in numbers with up to 4-digits (thousands, hundreds, tens and ones). Please play the games which have been set on MangaHigh to help you practice this further – your username and password are stuck inside your reading record book.