"Learning for Living"
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  • Really enjoyable evening and all the children have obviously worked really hard on an enjoyable topic. The art work was superb.
  • An excellent presentation - very informative and a very helpful explanation of the new curriculum thinking, good guidance for parents (and grandparents) to support the classroom activities with the correct methods and materials at home - in response to our whole school Maths in Action Workshop
  • This was a great idea and a wonderful day. Encouraging, promoting and practicing team work, creativity and problem solving. The children worked wonderfully together and it was a great opportunity to meet other parents and see how the children work together. Some amazing bridges were built. - In response to our Year 3 Bridge Building day.
  • An interesting presentation with tips on how we can support our children. It was good to take part in some of the learning activities. Good lesson demonstration on sentence construction and the types of keywords e.g. adverbs.