“Hazeldown not only demands high standards in the classroom but also has an ethos which generates confidence and teamwork in all of its students” Grandparent Hazeldown bringing stories to life “Three hours of non-stop entertainment, showcasing the students’ many talents, the commitment of the staff, and the support of the PTA and all who worked to make this ambitious event successful” Grandparent – following our inspiring I-Can performance at the Princess Theatre in Torquay “Thanks to all of you for your kindness and exuberant welcome. You are doing a great job there, all the children were so happy, friendly, polite and courteous” Shoo Rayner - Artist “ A school to be proud of” - Ofsted “Hazeldown children worked with enthusiasm and demonstrated excellent team support and the spirit in which they performed was excellent” - Catherine Kilburn Dartmoor SSP Partnership “Congratulations on achieving the highest level of the Inclusion Award. This is usually reserved for specialist settings, so it reflects the very high quality of your teaching and practice. I think you have all worked extremely hard to improve the outcomes and life chances for the children in your school. It is lovely to see that your consistent efforts have been recognised in this way. Please pass on my delight to your staff” Rose Brooks - Babcock International Residential trips are always great fun and usually involve getting very muddy.


  • 17/07/2020Last day of the Summer Term
  • 26/10/2020Half Term
  • 18/12/2020Last Day of Term
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Year 6 Pupil – Lifesaver! 23.06.2020

We are so proud of one of our fantastic Year 6 pupils – Jay! Jay was out on his boat when he heard that a kayaker was in trouble out on the water. He motored out on his boat and attached [...]


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Ash Home Learning – Foundation – 01.07.20

Lucas worked really hard to draw this house. He also did some fantastic maths learning using different dice patterns and listed some tricky words. What lovely letter formation Lucas! 🙂 Georgie [...]


Welcome to the Hazeldown Preschool

Hazeldown is launching the new preschool for under 5s.