North Star

Hazeldown School – ‘Super North Star’

Our ‘preferred future….’

Excellence at Every Level
An Extraordinary Experience for all
‘Learning for Living’

This features:

  • Excellent Teaching and Support
  • Values-Driven Attitudes to Learning
  • A clear purpose for actions at every level
  • Excellent Outcomes for all

You will see:

  • Strong relationships and connections between adults and children
  • Opportunities for an engaging curriculum full of memorable experiences
  • Equal chances for all
  • Limitless expectations

We focus on setting children up for life by:

  • Igniting their passion to become effective, efficient and enquiring learners
  • Developing a true Growth Mindset
  • Developing attitudes and dispositions that lead to high quality learners who become positive contributors to society
  • Nurturing and developing leadership talents
  • Promoting good habits for lifelong physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing and health
  • Becoming a Community Hub with Pre-School, parent support, and professional links
  • Connecting with our community – traditional and modern

We create:

Well rounded, socially responsible citizens who are curious learners, who have the power to choose and respond to change, and who recognise that they can have a significant impact on their community and the wider world.

They demonstrate self-awareness, an independent will and a creative imagination. They are not afraid to dream, are aspirational for themselves and others and become positive contributors to society.

They demonstrate emotional intelligence, are innovative, resilient and demonstrate a ‘warrior spirit’ within themselves. They are determined strategists and develop a positive ethos and passion for who they are and what they do in pursuit of their own North Star.

Hazeldown Primary School
Maudlin Drive, Teignmouth,
Devon, TQ14 8SE
Stuart Ludford | Headteacher

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Our Super North Star

Excellence at Every Level

An Extraordinary for all

Learning for Living