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Hazeldown Primary School believes that physical education is a vital contributor to a child’s physical literacy and well-being. For this reason, physical education, daily physical activity and school sport are all integral parts of our school day.

It is our intention that, through providing unique and engaging physical experiences, all pupils will experience success and be motivated to further develop their individual potential, irrespective of their innate ability.

We pride ourselves on offering our pupils the opportunity to access a wide variety of sporting activities, many of which they will not have previously encountered. Our broad and balanced Physical Education Curriculum, including sports such as tchoukball and lacrosse, is intended to provide pupils with increased self-confidence in their ability to manage themselves and their bodies within a variety of movement situations.

We endeavour to provide stimulating, enjoyable, appropriately challenging learning experiences for all pupils. The activities offered, and the teaching approaches adopted, seek to provide pupils with opportunities to develop their creative and expressive abilities in order to enhance their all-round learning.

As a school we promote the mantra of success for all; it is our intention that all pupils will succeed at a level in line with their ability. We are keen for all pupils to experience competitive sport and commit to affording all pupils the opportunity to be involved in competitive tournaments / festivals during their time at our school.

Through our wide-ranging after school clubs package, we endeavour to meet all children’s needs and to tap in to their interests.

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