School Organisation

Hazeldown is led by a Senior Management Team (SMT) that consists of Stuart Ludford (Headteacher), Lee Goodenough (Deputy Headteacher), Kit Hardee (Assistant Headteacher) and Maxine Hart (School Business Manager). 

The SMT are supported by the full Senior Leadership Team (SLT):

  • Tim Evans (Team Leader for Years 5 & 6 and Ebony Class Teacher)
  • Elinor Souter (Team Leader for Years 3 & 4 and Redwood Class Teacher)
  • Emma Scott (Team Leader for Years 1 & 2 and Palm Class Teacher)
  • Jasmine Garswood (Foundation Stage Team Leader and Beech Class Teacher)
  • Sarah Davie (Maths Subject Leader and Bonsai Class Teacher)

We also run ‘Little Acorns’, our Pre-School and Nursery, which is led by Sam Boyer. 

Hazeldown Primary School
Maudlin Drive, Teignmouth,
Devon, TQ14 8SE
Stuart Ludford | Headteacher

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