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The Parents Teachers Association (PTA) is a group of parents, carers and teachers that arrange events and activities throughout the school year to raise money for Hazeldown School. We organise school discos, Christmas and Summer Fayres, christmas cards individually designed by pupils and more. The funds raised from these activities go towards resources to support our children at school and for the little extras.

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You can also email us at [email protected] 

School Lottery – draw is every Saturday @ 8:00pm
To sign up and get your tickets go to search for HAZELDOWN PRIMARY

Tickets are £1  – jackpot is £25,000 and one lucky ticket from Hazeldown School could win 30% of our ticket sales each week. The more tickets we sell the BIGGER the prize fund!

Textile Recycling Banks

We now have two textile recycling banks located in the staff car park.

You can still pop suitable items in anytime and these will help towards raising funds for the PTA.

We can recycle unwanted clothes, paired shoes (tied together), handbags, hats, bags, scarves, ties, jewellery, lingerie and belts.

?SORRY NO PILLOWS, DUVETS OR BEDDING ?   They just take up space in the bank and we don’t get any funds for them! 

A great way to raise funds for school and to have a clear out!

We are always told by new volunteers that they assumed we would have loads of helpers – this is not true!

If you can spare any time at any PTA events, which are great fun and raise loads of money for our children, please email the PTA at [email protected], or leave your details at the school office.

Your help is always welcome but you are never obliged


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